Cold War Hacks : Undetected Cheats with Aimbot and Wallhack

Call of Duty: Cold War Hacks and Cheats

Cheat status : Undetected

Tested on : 27 Jul, 2021
Undetected Hacks and Cheats

Why do we have the best Hacks ?
Explanations on our Hacks and Cheats page.

Our Hacks for Call of Duty: Cold War

Discover our Hacks for Call of Duty: Cold War. Recently released, we offer you the best cheat for this game of the year 2021. It’s undetected and you won’t be banned by the anti-cheating measures present in the game. It has multiple options allowing you to cheat freely and very easily. You will be able to finish first in all your games.

Regularly updated and very stable, it works perfectly. If you also play MMORPG, we recommend our World of Warcraft cheat.

Enough talk, we will give you more information about our Hacks for COD Cold War. The download link of the cheat is located at the bottom of the page.


Call of Duty Cold War aimbot

Features of the Hacks for Call of Duty: Cold War

Are you ready to become the best player on this FPS ? You’ll have the best tools for it right now. Discover now the main features of our cheat !

⭐ Wallhack : Works without any problem on any mode and map of the game. From now on you can see all players, allies and enemies through walls, obstacles and other objects obstructing your field of vision. This is a very strong asset not to be neglected. Seeing your opponents coming from afar will give you an invaluable lead over them. Very discreet, this option can be used alone. Indeed, if you wish to cheat very discreetly, then this option is for you !


Call of Duty Cold War Cheats


⭐ Wallhack ESP : Also an option that allows you to see the enemies, but with much more detail about them. Display in meters, the exact distance they are from you. Identify their main weapon currently equipped. Activate the option to see their bodies inside the square surrounding them. See their names from far away and many more.

⭐ Aimbot : Who has never dreamed of becoming the best player in every game ? Activate the aimbot and destroy absolutely everything in your path. For every enemy you meet, a bullet will automatically be fired into their heads. You will be able to pass for a madman and make others want to play like you. You might as well assign a special touch to this option.
So that as soon as you pass a player, by pressing this key, he will be killed in one go.

Several other options can be set on the aimbot. For maximum discretion you can use the “Silent AIM” module, no player will suspect that you are cheating and you can’t be reported. We have presented you with the main options that can be used, but there are many more that can be configured as you wish.


Call of Duty Cold War Wallhack

Is there any risk if I cheat using these Hacks on this COD ?

Our hacks for Call of Duty: Cold War are undetected and work without problems.
However, there is no such thing as zero risk. Because if you cheat by saying it or displaying it clearly it can lead to a ban.

You will ask us, but how to cheat without getting banned !
Well it’s very simple in two sentences: Don’t follow players through walls with your crosshair and don’t play permanently with the aimbot activated in RAGE mode.
The rage mode can be good to troll in a game. But we strongly advise you to activate the silent mode instead. This way you will not be reported by other players.