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Tested on : 27 Jul, 2021
Undetected Hacks and Cheats

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Discover our Cheats and Hacks for Genshin Impact

Become the best and most advanced player with our Cheats and Hacks for Genshin Impact. Released on September 28, 2020, the game developed and published by the publisher miHoYo was not a big success right from its release. It was not until the year 2021 that the game became well known by the general public.

With several million players, it is growing exponentially. But how to cheat on Genshin Impact without any risks in front of the anti-cheating measures set up by the developers? We’ll get to that right away!

Our Cheats and Hacks for Genshin Impact are the most complete and undetected. No penalties can be attributed to your game account. This is because our cheat programs, which have been specially selected for you, have unique circumvention measures.

  • Each time the cheat program is launched, the MD5 signatures of the program change automatically and randomly.
  • No other copy of can be unique, the files are not similar in any way.
  • No changes are made to the game files. No injection into the game process itself.

The only way to get banned, is simply by being reported by other players who might see your cheating. For example, if you are flying around the world without limits, it might look suspicious to them and they will report you for cheating. You can still be discreet with the features we are going to introduce to you right now.

The download link for Genshin Impact Cheats and Hacks is at the bottom of the page.

The main features of the Hacks

We are going to reveal to you right away what the main features of the cheat programs for Genshin Impact are. They are all undetected and you can use them without any limits. They are also customizable as you wish.

Wallhack ESP : Use the ESP Wallhack to display chests, items and monsters including bosses directly through walls and other obstacles. The game will become much easier, you will be able to get many more chests more easily and quickly. You can configure the distance at which you want to display the information, change the color and much more.


Genshin Impact Cheats ESP Wallhack


Unlimited Stamina : No endurance limit will stand in your way! Run, fly and climb without limits.

Speed Hack : Accelerate your character’s speed as you see fit and go as fast as you want. You will move at lightning speed as shown in our animation below. You can change your character’s attack speed as well. It will hit the monsters even faster.

Immediate teleportation for quests : Teleport immediately to the starting location of the quests you want. This works as well for returning your quest, it is very convenient when you want to save time.

Immediate arrows : No need to wait for your arrow to load, shoot it immediately and without refills.

Fly Hack : Go beyond the limits, move around the world and go through walls. Use it sparingly, as this cheat option can be reported by other players. You can use it as well to escape from a fight that will become very complicated, it can save your life easily.

More features will be added in time, with these cheat options you will easily become the best player!

How to get free Primogems on Genshin Impact ?

You want to get free primogems on Genshin Impact? The only way to get Primogems is to play the game for a long time, by doing quests and other various tasks provided for this purpose. There are many sites offering to generate Primogems. Sorry to disappoint you, but they are only vulgar scams.

But you have the solution in front of you! By using our hacks for Genshin Impact you will be able to earn a lot and very quickly!

As the animated image below shows, using the Speedhack you can move at lightning speed! Not to mention the teleportation mode which allows you to instantly teleport to characters who are giving quests and then re-use the teleportation to give back the completed quests.


Genshin Impact speedhack


Coupled with our cheat programs specially chosen for you, we advise you to use this guide. It is specially dedicated to primogems farming and it is the best method to get free and fast primogems. It is the most complete guide available today, which is why our users use it regularly.

You don’t need to spend hours playing, you are ready to dominate the world of Genshin Impact. You will be able to impress your friends as well as other players and all this, very easily. Click on the button below to access the Cheats and Hacks download.