Our undetected Hacks and Cheats for your Games

Thanks to our Hacks and Cheats, become now the best player in all your games

Become the best player in all your games now

With Teddax, become one of the best players in all your online games without any risks. Thanks to our undetected third party hacks and cheats, you can cheat very easily. Cheating while having fun has never been so easy !


Thanks to the bypass methods, take the advantage silently from now on. With Teddax, it’s simple, no one will know you’re cheating, not even your friends.

PC and Console compatible

Our Hacks, Cheats and Tricks are compatible with different media when available. PC, Playstation, Xbox but also Nintendo Switch and many others.

No bans is possible

And all this without any banning or other sanctions on your game accounts. Discover the best cheat functions and many other features for your games.

Also check out all our tips to help you progress and unlock content in your game sessions. You can also use our secure methods to earn gifts, points or bonuses for your accounts.

Our Hacks and Cheats for your Video Games

Our undetected third party hacks and cheats will allow you to cheat freely on your favorite video games. Click on the game you want to cheat to access its description. Or access the full list by clicking on the button below.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Become the best player on Fortnite. Make only TOP 1 and impress them all. The other players and your friends won’t notice anything.

Call of duty Warzone

Destroy them all in no time. Follow your enemies through the walls. And stay ahead of them by getting the best weapons and equipment.

Call of duty Cold War

Functional in all game modes. Have fun stalking and humiliating all your opponents without exception. The only master of the game is now you.


Improve your aim and only make head shots. See your opponents through walls. Become a pro player now without putting in much effort.

World of Warcraft

Too long to level your characters ? Check out our leveling and farming programs for World of Warcraft. Earning gold coins and levels just got easier.

Counter-Strike Global offensive

You are a private or professional player ? Teddax will be your best ally. Win your games easily on CSGO. Becoming Global Elite becomes easier.


Win every time on Roblox ? It’s very easy. Follow allied and enemy players through walls. Fly through maps, obstacles. Dominate all game modes now.


Alone or in multiplayer game modes. Impress other players now. Take them all down, destroy blocks in one shot, fly around the world and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

Here is the list of frequently asked questions and answers for users who want to know more. For more information about our hacks and cheats, please click on ‘More Information’.

Cheats and Hacks are undetected ?

👉 The Hacks and Cheats at your disposal are undetected and bypass the anti-cheat measures present in video games.

Multiple bypass methods are applied which makes the detection of cheating impossible !

Do they work without problems with a VPN ?

👉 All the Hacks and Cheats present in our VIP Zone work without any problem with a VPN.

However, the use of a VPN service is not recommended by the Teddax team.

Everything is updated and fully functional ?

👉 Our content is functional and is regularly updated to offer only the best quality via third party hacks and cheats.

More than 2300 users now trust us, including streamers and professional players !

Content is available on PS4, Xbox and PS5 ?

👉 Yes, and we ensure perfect compatibility.

So that you can freely and fully access our third-party content on all types of media including PS4, Xbox and PS5 game consoles and more.

Do you have any other questions ?

👉 Do not hesitate to contact our team.

We will answer you with pleasure and as soon as possible.

Why our Hacks and Cheats are reliable ?

Thanks to our experience and our versatility. We know how to adapt perfectly to the needs of our community because we listen.

We are very experienced in the field of undetected third party cheats and hacks. We have been contributing to this area for a long time through existing forums on the internet.

We then decided to create our own team in order to offer you the best possible content. One thing is sure, if you trust us, you won’t be disappointed !

If you want to join us, you just need to create your vip account and make a single payment. We accept all major credit cards and also accept two cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If you have any questions or if you are curious, please contact us. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible. Discover also Needflare, our first quality partner.



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